Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pray for Students at Accelere

Every Thursday noon some of the students at Accelere Alternative walk a short distance from their campus in the Blackburn High building to the Boys and Girls Club building across the parking lot. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and all are students who have returned to finish high school as 17-21 year olds. They come to the Cru Accelere meeting for free pizza, and for a chance to hear about how they can have a personal relationship with God.

One of our volunteers with Cru Omaha, Ron Smith, is leading the meeting in the photo above. We are so grateful for Ron. He is involved with Abide Ministries, and has offered of his time to pour his life and heart into the students at Accelere. The students love him, and he has a way of communicating with them on their level.

Last week Gary led the meeting in Ron's absence, and the thirty students present that day gave their whole attention as he shared from his life - how knowing Jesus can make all the difference, and how God is present with us through all that life brings our way. There were a few students who came for the very first time. We are amazed at this opportunity God has opened up for Cru meetings during their lunch break.


Accelere students will have a special lunch opportunity this next Monday. Our Cru National Director, Darryl Smith, will be with us from Orlando, and will be sharing his talk on making right choices, and emphasizing the best right choice a young adult can make: that is, to respond to Jesus and follow Him. Darryl comes from a background of wrong choices as a young adult, which led to some time in prison. Which is where he met Jesus, forever changing his life. Darryl will surely connect with these students.

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