Monday, March 31, 2014

Summer Venture Planning

Our Cru High meetings will look different during the summer months than they have during the school year. For a number of years now, we have held a different format for our student meetings during the summer - something we have called "Summer Venture". Our first planning meeting for Summer Venture was held on March 18.

Jake, our amazing part-time staff guy, called together a few of our young adult and college volunteers, as well as a few student leaders, to begin planning for this coming summer. Instead of holding separate student meetings for each of our Cru campuses, we will be holding one joint area meeting for all the students together during the summer months. Pulling students together from the various campuses for encouragement, inspiration, and fun. Jake has done a great job during the past few summers, as he has equipped and coached our college volunteers to have a major role in leading our summer meetings.

Please pray for Jake as he heads this up, and also for our college volunteers who will be taking a major leadership role during the summer months. It's the perfect opportunity for them to gain more experience in leadership, and it's a great help for us as staff for them to help in this way while they are on summer break from their college classes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cru Fort Calhoun Freshmen Night

The student leaders for Cru Fort Calhoun came up with idea of holding a special event where they would focus on inviting new Freshmen students. They came up with the idea, and they did the planning for a fun event held Monday evening, March 10th!

The weather was perfect (in the 70's), which was amazing as we have had such cold weather, even in early March. There were refreshments, and then games outdoors. The guys and girls then met separately for a time when several students shared their stories of coming to know God personally. (See top two photos for the guys group of sharing.) 

Then everyone gathered together indoors again, and our college leader, Josh, clearly shared the Gospel. (See bottom photo.) Please pray for the new students who came that night, and for many more students at Fort Calhoun High to come to know Jesus. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cru Central on Campus

Cru Central held it's first student meeting on campus on Feb. 27! Our student leaders recently received permission for Cru to be recognized as a school club, also giving them the privilege of holding meetings right on campus!

It was an amazing evening! Our young adult leaders, and also our student leaders did a great job of connecting with the students who came. The students loved it all - the games, refreshments, and the special speaker from Belarus as he shared about living for Christ in a country which is not open to the Gospel.

Please pray for the next Cru Central meeting to be held on campus - Thursday, March 27. We are finishing out this school year with the plan of meeting on campus once each month, in addition to the other weekly meetings held off-campus. Please pray for many Central High students to come to know Jesus.