Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cru Blair Moves to Campus

After a number of years of dreaming and praying for this, it has happened! Our Cru Blair group now has started holding their weekly student meetings in the Blair High School building! They have been given the use of the Home Ec rooms for their Monday night meetings.

To celebrate what God has done in opening up this door, they held a Mustache Bash Kickoff event on the Monday after Halloween Day, Nov. 4. Thirty students came to their high school for this Cru event.

We're thankful for all those who prayed for this move, and we are thankful for our part-time staff, Jake & Chelsea, who are heading up this new direction for Cru Blair. 

This also signifies a change in the leadership of Cru Blair, as Jake steps up his leadership as a result of our other part-time staff guy, Andy, needing to transition to his new full-time role as Student Ministries Coach at Country Bible Church. And how grateful we are that Andy will also continue to work alongside Jake in an affiliate role with Cru now. They make a great team, and we praise God for them!

Please pray for those students who have been part of Cru Blair, that they will be energized and motivated by this change in location, and they will be burdened to help draw more students to Jesus on their campus.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cru Central High Meetings

Students from Central High in Omaha have been holding weekly Cru meetings since the beginning of the school year. Our volunteers, along with our student leaders have been doing a great job starting off this newest Cru movement. 

Meetings were held for the first month or so at Bemis Park, and since then we have moved to a room made available for us at Citylight Church. Both of these locations are in the general area of Central High, which has made it easy for students to come.

The student meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm, and the last meeting of October happened to be on Halloween Day. We came up with the idea of meeting on the front lawn at Citylight, to roast s'mores over a firepit, and also hand out treats to kids from the neighborhood who would happen to come by. 

Ethan, a student leader, led the students in a fun game around the fire a bit later in the evening, followed with a talk by Kent, one of our volunteers. Kent related well with the students, encouraging them to have God at the focal point of their lives, instead of focusing on the various masks that we often put on. 

The students and volunteers who meet each Thursday are connecting well, growth is happening, and we are thankful to God for the start of what He wants to do in students' lives at Central High. Please pray for the students who are a part of our meetings, and for many more to be drawn to Jesus.