Friday, January 25, 2013

Cru Lock-In at Omaha YMCA

The Fremont YMCA has been the place where we have held our area-wide Lock-In for years, but this year we made the big step of moving the Lock-In to Omaha. More campuses are opening up in the Omaha area, and it just made more sense to have it there. Working out the details took some extra time, so our annual Cru Lock-In was held in January this year, instead of the usual early December time.

We were excited to have 65 students show up for our first Lock-In at the downtown YMCA! Students came from Blair, Fort Calhoun, and also from a number of Omaha schools, including Omaha South, Omaha North, Marrs Middle, and Bellevue West.

After registration of the students from 9-10 pm on Saturday, January 19, we had them gather in groups (mixing up the students from the various schools) for some opening get-acquainted activities. Our 19 staff and volunteers actively helped with this, and also throughout the entire night.

After a few hours of various sports activities in the YMCA, the students gathered back together for pizza ...

Following the pizza break, we gave the students an opportunity to hear one of our college volunteers share her story of her high school days, and of coming to know and follow Jesus. Then, Lee Bickerstaff, on staff with Cru's college ministry, shared with the students how they could know God personally.

Of the 65 students present, there were quite a few who expressed interest in learning more (for some, it was their first exposure to Cru High School), and we also praise God that 14 of the students who were at the Lock-In, responded on the comment cards that they desire to put their faith in Christ.

Please join us in thanking God for a GREAT night together with these 65 students - for the 19 staff and volunteers who helped - and for lasting impact on all of the students as a result.

The pizza boxes were emptied, everyone made it home safely the next morning, we developed a great relationship with the staff at the downtown Omaha YMCA (they have invited us to come there for future Cru events) - and we pray that God will continue to draw these 65 students closer and closer to Him. Please pray for our various Cru ministries as we touch base with these, and other students, in the coming days and weeks ...