Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cru Summer 2016

Students from Blair and Fort Calhoun high schools gathered weekly over the summer for what has come to be known as "Cru Summer". This tradition is made possible with the incredible leadership of a core team of local college students who work together to plan and lead these high school gatherings. Many of these college students were involved in Cru in high school and are anxious to rejoin the Cru high school scene when they are home for the summer. They met an extra night of the week with Jake Loftis, Andy Petersen and Abbie Farrand to plan the weekly high school gatherings.

The photos above are from the "Tournament of Champions" event on the last night of gatherings for Cru Summer 2016. The faces of these students reveal the fun, bonding, and camaraderie experienced together over the summer.  The evening concluded with a moving personal testimony from one of the college students and a challenge of commitment to walk with Christ in the upcoming school year.