Thursday, May 15, 2014

Staff and Volunteers with Cru Omaha

We had a very special treat the beginning of May when two out-of-state Cru staff traveled to our area to spend some time with us and our Cru Omaha team. A huge blessing to have Benton (from Dallas), and Kevin (from NYC) here in our area from May 4-6!

Our time with them started with a staff and volunteer gathering in our home the evening of May 4th. It's always hard to get all of our volunteers together, as they are scattered around the area, helping with Cru at nine different schools ... while also being involved in their own full-time jobs. But what a special evening to have a portion of them together in our home for the evening, sharing and interacting together and with our visiting Cru staff. Our volunteers are an integral part of what God is doing on each of our campuses - they are an amazing group of people with a passion for reaching students.

Benton and Kevin gave us valuable input during their visit, and were able to be part of several campus meetings. And the insight they gained from being here will reap benefits in the months to come, as they assist with advice and input from a distance.