Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tanzania Summer Mission

Summer 2018: an opportunity for a month-long mission focus for three of our students from Cru Omaha, and for Jake & Chelsea (Cru staff) and their two daughters. 

On June 27 these seven boarded an airplane in Omaha, and flew to Chicago, where they met up with three other Cru staff members, and thirteen other college and high school students from across the country. Together, they took a 23-hour journey to Arusha, Tanzania.

They found that there was much to do as they went as a team to many schools - sharing about character building, and providing training on various life skills through teaching, skits, and examples from their own lives. They also had the amazing opportunity to share the Gospel in the schools during the assemblies.

Jake shares, "We saw God work in the lives of the students in the city. Our team went to 12 different campuses. We presented the gospel to 9,138 students in large groups and to 22 students in one-on-one conversation. We had 2,168 students indicate that they prayed to receive Christ either on comment cards after group presentations or by praying together with a member of our team. We also engaged with 486 students in spiritual conversations after presentations. We answered questions students had about the gospel and living the Christian life."

The four weeks made a huge impact on students in Tanzania, and also on the team. What began in the lives of both the students of Tanzania and the team will continue on. There is much to pray for!

Jake shares, "Please continue to pray for the new believers in that city. The harvest is INDEED plentiful, but the workers there are few - ten actually. There are only about ten active volunteers with Life Ministry in Arusha (Life Ministry is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ in East Africa) and they have a LOT of new believers to contact as we passed student contact information on to them. Please, pray for those volunteers and the new believers. Pray for divine appointments for discipleship. Pray for the Lord's work in that city."

And also, please pray for the team as they have returned back to the U.S. on July 29th. They saw God create a strong bond between them as they served, and they learned much as they learned more and lived out the gospel individually, as a team, and as they served others. They will always remember all that God did while in Tanzania, in bringing many students to know God, and also in what He did in their own lives individually and as a team. 

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