Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cru Summer

Cru Omaha continues to function during the summer months, but it takes on a different form. Instead of the students meeting as groups on their own school campuses, they gather together in two different locations. Five of our campuses are in Omaha, and five are in Washington County. So during the summer months the students meet once each week at these two locations. 

May 22nd was the big day to transition! And everyone met all together at a location mid-way between Omaha and the hub of Washington County. Todd & Angela's beautiful acreage was the perfect place for students to come together for some fun activities, some food (of course), some inspiration, and to hear the scoop of the summer plan.

Our part-time staff guy, Jake, does an amazing job of leading Cru Summer. He starts months ahead, and carefully gathers a group of college students, many who have been discipled through their high school years by Cru. Jake coaches them and trains them to disciple the high school students throughout the summer. 

In the photo above, you see one of the college student gatherings. As volunteers they meet together with Jake and Gary each Sunday evening. Then they divide up into two teams to lead the student meetings on Monday evenings. They are on mission, and are being equipped to lead and disciple high school students. And they are also experiencing discipleship and lasting connections between their own peer group of college students. It's a win-win situation for these capable and amazing college kids, and we are incredibly thankful for their hearts to love on and to draw high school students to Jesus.

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