Monday, September 24, 2012

Omaha Accelere Launch

Earlier this calendar year we were invited to launch Cru (formerly Student Venture) on Accelere Alternative school in Omaha. Accelere is a unique school set up to help students who did not complete their high school studies in the traditional setting, but then have returned with a new focus to finish. This school for 17-21 year olds has a three-week cycle of classes, helping students to be able to plug in and complete each course in a concentrated form.

An incredible opportunity has been opened for us to go into the school and engage with students, helping them with various life skills, as well as with the most important life lessons of connecting with God. In order for this to happen, we need a team of volunteers who have a passion for the students who attend Accelere.

Please pray with us as we solidify our team of volunteers. Gary felt led to call together a special prayer time for this school, and our need of volunteers, last month. In addition to some of the staff of Accelere and some of our staff & volunteers, we were also blessed to have a group of people from the north Omaha area join us, some of them associated with ABIDE Ministries. This group meets often, early in the morning, to pray for this whole area, and it was a blessing in many ways to have them join us for our prayer gathering.

As Gary shared about our need for volunteers with those gathered for prayer, several of those present came up and volunteered right at that time! Since then he has been connecting with several of those who volunteered - assisting them in filling out their volunteer application forms with Cru, and also meeting with them to continue in prayer for Accelere.

Would you pray for these volunteers, and for Accelere, as well? We depend on God alone to be able to reach out to the students at Accelere. It is not an easy road for these students, as many have come from rough backgrounds, but now have made the decision to continue on with their schooling. And it is not an easy road for our volunteers, giving of their time to reach out to these students. Our new volunteers (several of them with ABIDE Ministries), are well-equipped to reach out to them. And we need to support them in prayer for this needy mission field. Please pray especially for our volunteers at this time as they are completing their application forms to serve together with Cru.

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