Friday, July 5, 2013

Middle School - Key Time for Impact

Most of our Cru High groups center around senior high students, but a few are focused on middle school students. Our newest middle school group started up this past school year, focusing on students from Blair Otte Middle School.

Joy Curry, a mom of a middle school student herself, approached one of our staff members about a year ago, sharing her desire to be a volunteer with Cru High. This past school year she has faithfully and passionately been leading a group of Blair Otte Middle School students. These students are being encouraged and challenged in their faith, and have chosen to even continue meeting throughout the summer. We thank God for Joy and her love and leadership of these students.

Please pray for each student who has been part of this Cru group, and for many more to be drawn to Jesus through this coming school year. The middle school years are very impactful years. 

This past spring these students joined our senior high students at the Blair YMCA to hear our National Director, Darryl Smith, share from his heart about how each of them, as students, can make an impact on their campuses. One of the middle school students was in tears at the end of Darryl's talk - and shared with one of our staff members how he was broken for his peers, and desired for God to use him to make on impact on their lives. Please pray for this student, and for many others who are growing in their faith, and are wanting to make a difference.

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