Monday, March 5, 2018

North High Update

January 31st was a big day for us with Cru Omaha, and also together with our church, Citylight Omaha! Together, we hosted William Green to come for some assemblies at several high schools in the Omaha area. 

Our first assembly began at 8 am at North High with about 250-300 students. They were captivated by Wm Green's story of overcoming adversity and the way he illustrated his points using strength demonstrations.

Central High Assembly

Next were similar assemblies at Central High with about 200 invited athletes attending, and Northwest High with about 500 from selected classes attending.

Northwest High Assembly

In each of the assemblies Wm Green challenged the students to bring the biggest student they could find to the evening assembly and they would get a prize if he couldn't do the push up with that student on his back. So, with that challenge, the promise of free pizza and hearing the rest of his story, he invited students to the evening event at North High School.

Morning North High Assembly

We were hoping for more than the roughly 200 students and 50 adults in attendance in the evening, but yet, it was a great evening! The biggest student was from Central High and was almost too heavy for Wm Green to push up. But on the third try, he raised the student all the way up which gained him a lot of respect from the students, particularly the athletes!

Evening Event at North High

The students were very attentive as Wm Green shared how he came to know Christ, explaining the gospel in very clear terms. At the end he invited students to raise their hands if they were ready to place their trust in Christ. Then with a last challenge he asked them and others to stand to indicate publicly that this was their desire. Praise God, about 35 students stood! And although he didn't ask them to come forward, when he said he was going to lead them in a prayer to receive Christ, many of them did walk forward anyway. It was a holy moment and a great climax to a great day!

Later, it was a privilege to serve pizza, and to meet some of the students in the  cafeteria area at North High.

Each student in attendance was given a flyer inviting them back the following Tuesday for our first Cru meeting on the North High campus for more free pizza and a follow up in what it means to follow Christ. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Cru South Kick-Off

Students at South High gather weekly after school ...

In photo above, twenty-five students attended the first Cru weekly meeting of the new school year. Here a student who came to know Jesus at our Cru Summer Conference in The Rockes is eagerly sharing his story with his peers.

We really enjoy loving and ministering to these students on this ethnically diverse campus. 

Lake Party in late September ...

A record number of 35 students showed up for the annual back-to-school lake party held each September for Cru South students! It was a cooler day, but they were still excited to gather at a nearby lakehouse owned by a former faculty member.

The students listened intently as one of the student leaders shared from her heart about God's love and forgiveness. She gave the students an opportunity to respond to God's gift of salvation, and six students clearly responded and placed their trust in Jesus.

In the photo above, another of the student leaders shares with his peers ...

It was a cooler day, and still, the students loved venturing out on the lake ... a fun and inspirational evening for all!

PLEASE PRAY for South High students this school year!
We pray for many more students to come to know Jesus, and for much growth and discipleship to happen throughout this next school year.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cru Fort Calhoun Kick-off

It was an absolutely beautiful September evening on the 17th to hold the Cru Fort Calhoun Fall Kick-off! Students gathered at an outdoor country location for a wiener roast, hayride, and a session of line dance instruction from two guest friends. The students loved it all!

Please pray for these students as they meet each Monday evening in a students' home for their weekly Cru meetings. Jake (staff) and Abby (volunteer) disciple and train several student leaders who in turn take leadership in leading their peers to know and follow Jesus.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cru Central Fall Kick-Off

Time for another school year of Cru! Schools started up in August, and on Friday, Sept. 8th, students from one of our seven campuses, Omaha Central High School, held their official Fall Kick-Off event! 

This Cru group focuses on international students, and the students who attended the kick-off event represented five countries of origin: Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nepal, Thailand, and Burma. 

After enjoying good food, and taking part in some fun games, they heard the amazing story of a guest from India (left in photo above), as she shared how she came to know Jesus while she was a college student in India. Her impactful story touched all of us, and was very motivating for each of our students at the start of another school year of following after Jesus.

A few more photos to capture the fun and the inspiration of our time together:

Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer 2017 with Cru

Sharing a few photos for a short little glimpse into summer activities that happened with Cru Omaha ...

Our Cru Summer program ... college student volunteers, coached by Jake, led weekly meetings with high school students in Washington County. 


Eight students (from four different Cru campuses) traveled to Estes Park, CO, for the Summer Conference in June.


Our Cru Omaha staff team traveled to Fort Collins, CO, in July for the biennial conference for all Cru staff. This photo was taken on the 50th Year Celebration Picnic for all Cru High staff!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

So Many Blessings This School Year!

Snapshots from three of our four urban Omaha campuses ...

A first 'hayride' for international students from Omaha Central High ...

S'mores, singing, and personal sharing of a 'changed-life' story ...

Weekly Lunch and Gospel Talk with Omaha Accelere students every Friday ...

A powerful half hour in the middle of an otherwise typical school day...

Maybe 40 Omaha Marrs middle school boys at this Cru after-school club, with as many girls in another room...

It can get a little crazy :)  Pray for the faithful volunteers!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Middle School Cru Movements

It has been another great fall season as middle school students have started meeting together again for another year of Cru. Most of our Cru groups are focused on high school students, but we are blessed to have two middle school groups, as well!

Our amazing Cru volunteers at Marrs Middle School in Omaha started up another school year of weekly meetings with students in mid-October. Forty (and even up to seventy) students flood into a classroom after school once each week for fun, snacks, and the opportunity to learn gospel truth and how the love of Christ can be real, personal, and life-changing. 

Some days it can be chaotic corralling them, but other days the students are really listening and absorbing truth that impacts the way they look at life. These Hispanic and Latino students are a delightful blend of sweetness, laughter, and mischief, with hearts hungry to know how to make sense of a world where things don't always make sense. 

Three Marrs teachers are our Cru volunteers who passionately work to feed that hunger with the life-giving message of the Gospel.  God has called them to this very unique opportunity which they are fully embracing. Please pray for energy, passion, and love for them as they minister to these students after a full day of teaching in their classrooms.

Middle school is such a perfect time for students to be impacted for eternity. Fort Calhoun Junior High girls get special focus at an all-girls Cru group filled with the creativity and love of two local moms and a college coed. Though a much smaller group than at Marrs Middle School, the impact on these girls is huge.

This group was created by moms years ago when their daughters at the time begged for a Cru group of their own because they saw how cool it was for the high school students who were part of high school Cru.

The momentum that was created has carried over year after year as girls from each new crop of Junior Highers want to be a apart of a group where the life of faith is shared in ways specifically molded just for them.