Monday, June 10, 2019

Cru Summer Kick-off

Cru Omaha looks a bit different during the summer. Instead of meeting in classrooms on campuses or in students' homes, you'll find students gathering together in the evenings at a coffee shop in North Omaha, or in various homes in Washington County. And, it all started in late May with our annual Summer Kick-off!

Students came from Omaha and Washington County to a beautiful acreage outside of Omaha, for fun, food, games, and a challenge to spend their summer well! The rain sent us indoors to a large recreation room for part of the event ...

After hot dogs & chips out on the covered decks, they enjoyed table games before the inspirational part of the evening.

What a joy it was to hear one of our Fort Calhoun students share how she came to a personal relationship with Jesus, and how her involvement with Cru matured her, and gave her opportunity to develop her leadership skills as a student leader.

We also heard from several graduating seniors ... from Omaha North HS, Omaha Central HS, and also an exchange student who had attended Fort Calhoun HS. It was so exciting to hear of life-change, and also of an exchange student coming to a personal relationship with Jesus just in the past month through his connections with Cru. Right before he returns to his country of origin.

Another exciting part of the evening was to hear from three visiting Burke HS students, who joined us for the first time. They are hoping to redirect their current club movement on their campus into a Cru club this next school year. 

Jake led the group in a final challenge to make their summer count in even deeper ways than before as they meet together to grow in their faith, and to focus on building into the lives of others.

The rain had lifted by then, and we headed back outdoors for some more games, and also s'mores! And then, off to the beginning of Cru Summer!

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