Monday, May 6, 2013

Beginnings of Cru Central High

Fifteen 8th grade students gathered at a home in Dundee in mid-April ... the beginnings of something significant! And also of significance is that the gathering was led by three upperclassmen students at Central High.

We have been following God's leading step-by-step since last fall for the opening up of Cru at Central High School. Through connections with a staff person at Central, Gary has been meeting with a small prayer group at 6:30 am at Central High one morning a week for most of this past school year. Several students have joined this small prayer group, which has turned into a small discipleship time, as well. 

And from this prayer time, God has been opening up the way for more. A group of moms, burdened to pray for students at Central, including some of their own eighth graders who will be attending there in the fall of 2013, came in contact with our team. And plans were made to have an event this spring, in anticipation of Cru starting in the fall of 2013.

And the doors continued to open. Gary connected several months ago with three amazing young men, all upperclassmen at Central, who want to take leadership in impacting their peers at Central. 

Prayers at Central 
plus moms who pray 
plus upperclassmen praying for a way to impact their school 
and all led by God 
to carry His heart for the students at Central

These three upperclassmen (Ethan, Drew, and Ryan) led an event for the eighth grade students in mid-April. Providing a fun connection with them, and challenging them to follow Christ as they look ahead to attending Central High this next fall. And inviting them to be part of Cru Central High, impacting their campus for Christ. 

Beginnings - witnessing God at work,
and expectancy for what God will do.

Please pray for these 8th grade students, for the upperclassmen student leaders (Ethan, Drew, and Ryan), and for others whom God is drawing together to reach their campus. And please pray for movements to begin in all the various ethnic groups represented at Central High.

The mission of Cru High ...
That every student on every campus
has the chance to 
know and follow Jesus Christ.

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