Monday, July 22, 2013

Cru Staff Conference 2013

Every other summer we travel to Fort Collins, Colorado, to join thousands of other Cru staff for 7-10 days of learning and training. This year our whole staff team was able to be there - and we met for a lunch together on the first full day of staff conference (see photo below).

Staff Conference (on the campus of Colorado State University) was divided into two main sections: several days with Cru High School staff together (about 300 of us from across our nation) ... and then six days with all of Cru staff together (about 5,000!). There are many different ministries under Cru - ministry to high school students, college students, to families, military, inner city, teachers, businessmen and women, Jesus Film ministry, and many more categories. What an amazing time to all be together to learn and grow together.

Our whole time together was a very rich time of listening to our leaders, and other speakers who were brought in, attending afternoon seminars covering a wide variety of topics (all so helpful for life and ministry), and connecting with and learning from other staff.

Our opening night - welcoming all the new staff since the last conference two years ago ...

We as a staff team are taking home many insights and ideas from our time together, and we thank God for this very valuable time together. We will be processing all that we learned and will be integrating it into our hearts and minds in the days and weeks ahead. Of primary importance in our time together (as is true of all of our staff conferences) is that we are pointed to Jesus first of all, and encouraged to follow Him as our First Love. Above ministry, above anything else - for everything will flow from Him as we follow Him.

(For more photos, click here to view our Family/Ministry blog.)

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