Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pray for Students at Omaha South


God has opened up a unique opportunity for students at Omaha South. Our Cru High National Director, Darryl Smith, will be with us from Orlando, and will be sharing with students throughout the school hours, and also after school at Omaha South. 

Darryl will be speaking at seven assemblies throughout the day, sharing his talk on making right choices. Students will be invited to come to a concluding meeting after school - for FREE PIZZA, and to ...

Listen to Darryl's amazing story.
After making wrong choices and dealing drugs,
he landed in prison.
God met him there and
he experienced a radical turn around.
He has since devoted his life to
helping young adults make good choices in their lives.

We praise God for this unique opportunity, and ask for your prayers for many students at Omaha South to come to know Jesus, just as Darryl did in his young adult years. 

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