Friday, April 19, 2013

Challenge to Blair & Fort Calhoun Students

We could not resist having Darryl Smith (our Cru High National Director) speak to our students in Blair and Fort Calhoun, too, when he came to do assemblies at a few Omaha schools. So Monday evening, April 15, found him at the Blair YMCA with a combined group of Cru students from both Blair and Fort Calhoun.

These students were in for a heartfelt challenge from Darryl - to take it seriously to be lights on their campuses. Taking seriously the mission of Cru High - WINNING, BUILDING, and SENDING. The students were impacted as Darryl shared from God's Word - challenging them with the unique opportunity they have to make a difference on their campuses.

Please pray for the students who were impacted in significant ways from Darryl's challenge. There were some good conversations afterwards, students sharing with each other or with some of our staff team.

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