Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cru Summer - Final Event

Time is fleeting! Every moment we have with students is critical. "Teenagers are like wet cement, just waiting for someone to make a lasting impression" is a quote used often in the Cru - High School ministry. That's why we determine every summer to take advantage of some of those hours teens often waste or use unproductively.

God used our Cru Summer program very productively again this year to help area teens focus on God and His plan for their lives. We discussed topics like: Our Identity in Christ, Listening to God, Peer Pressure, Sexual Sin, Suffering, Forgiveness, Pride & Arrogance, and Temptations. Each lesson was created by the college student volunteers who based the lesson around a character of the Bible. There were great, in-depth discussions where students were really connecting with each other and with God in ways that were life-changing.

Our closing Cru Summer event was a Tournament of Champions, with teams competing in fun, creative competition. As always, the students really got into it, with the winning team really hamming it up!

A huge thank you goes to Jake for leading this effort so well, and to all the college students who really gave themselves to this project and to these high school students this summer.

Now we transition into restarting our Cru groups on 10 different campuses! Please pray for each campus, and for our staff, volunteers, and student leaders. Pray that God would work mightily in and through them to create movements for Christ on every campus!

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