Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cru Ministry Days

Cru Omaha is a part of a larger group of Cru staff who work specifically with high school and middle school students across the nation and around the world. We all gathered last month in Fort Collins, CO, for a few days of "Ministry Days" together before the Cru15 conference (the 10-day staff conference for all of the thousands of Cru staff together). 

There are several hundred "Cru - High School" staff, focused on reaching high school and middle school students. And Cru Omaha is just one of the many locations where staff serve. If we could add to these several hundred (pictured above), and include all of the many, many volunteers who are coached by our staff - we would be overflowing into many photos! A key part of "Cru - High School" and what makes it so impactful in the lives of high school and middle school students, is the partnerships and volunteers who are an integral part of this movement of reaching students for Jesus.

We are thankful to be part of this amazing group of staff, and were greatly encouraged and motivated as we heard from our leaders and as we connected with other staff while in Fort Collins. We love how the focus of our time together is always, first of all, on Jesus - not on strategies or plans, but on keeping our main focus on the main thing.

Click to read more about the ministry of Cru - High School.

(Photo: courtesy of Jim Trewin)

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