Monday, March 5, 2018

North High Update

January 31st was a big day for us with Cru Omaha, and also together with our church, Citylight Omaha! Together, we hosted William Green to come for some assemblies at several high schools in the Omaha area. 

Our first assembly began at 8 am at North High with about 250-300 students. They were captivated by Wm Green's story of overcoming adversity and the way he illustrated his points using strength demonstrations.

Central High Assembly

Next were similar assemblies at Central High with about 200 invited athletes attending, and Northwest High with about 500 from selected classes attending.

Northwest High Assembly

In each of the assemblies Wm Green challenged the students to bring the biggest student they could find to the evening assembly and they would get a prize if he couldn't do the push up with that student on his back. So, with that challenge, the promise of free pizza and hearing the rest of his story, he invited students to the evening event at North High School.

Morning North High Assembly

We were hoping for more than the roughly 200 students and 50 adults in attendance in the evening, but yet, it was a great evening! The biggest student was from Central High and was almost too heavy for Wm Green to push up. But on the third try, he raised the student all the way up which gained him a lot of respect from the students, particularly the athletes!

Evening Event at North High

The students were very attentive as Wm Green shared how he came to know Christ, explaining the gospel in very clear terms. At the end he invited students to raise their hands if they were ready to place their trust in Christ. Then with a last challenge he asked them and others to stand to indicate publicly that this was their desire. Praise God, about 35 students stood! And although he didn't ask them to come forward, when he said he was going to lead them in a prayer to receive Christ, many of them did walk forward anyway. It was a holy moment and a great climax to a great day!

Later, it was a privilege to serve pizza, and to meet some of the students in the  cafeteria area at North High.

Each student in attendance was given a flyer inviting them back the following Tuesday for our first Cru meeting on the North High campus for more free pizza and a follow up in what it means to follow Christ. 

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