Monday, September 1, 2014

A New School Year for Cru Omaha

A new school year is beginning for high school students ... and with it, a new year of opportunity for Cru Omaha to be part of God's heart for high school students. We have the privilege of being part of what God is doing on nearly ten campuses in our area, and there are more opportunities on the horizon. 

All of these opportunities call for many volunteers. Our part as Cru High staff is primarily to listen to and follow God in what He is doing, and to connect with those who are being called to partner with us in sharing God's love and forgiveness with the high school students in this area.

Our Cru High staff team is small ... two full-time staff, and one part-time staff. But we are blessed to have nearly 25 volunteers who serve and love students on our eight campuses where we are presently active. And there are more campuses that can be opened to Cru if more volunteers are available.

The key component is PRAYER, as we connect with God's heart, and as we depend on Him. This is a key time of year on our campuses as a new school year is beginning.

Would you join with us in praying for God's direction in leading us to more volunteers ... and for a fruitful year of harvest on the high school campuses of Omaha and the surrounding areas?

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