Monday, April 21, 2014

Cru Fort Calhoun Jr-Hi Girls

Most Monday evenings during the school year you'll find two amazing Cru volunteers pouring their lives into junior high girls in Fort Calhoun. Donna and Diane have been serving as volunteers with us for quite a few years now, and even though their own children are grown and on their own, they continue to give of their time and energy to love students. They make a great team as they share with these girls about God's love for them, using fun, interactive ways to communicate God's Word.

Donna and Diane and their girls on a movie night to see "Son of God"

A few of their activities this school year: a fun fall party ... "cleaning out the yuck in the pumpkins like God cleans out the yuck in our hearts, so our lights can shine brightly for Him", serving as bell ringers for the Salvation Army, participating in a special Easter focus "Journey to the Cross", and many more.

And the main focus, as always, has been to help these girls come to know Jesus personally and follow Him in every area of their lives. Early this school year they celebrated together as one of the girls made the most-important decision to follow Jesus as her Savior and Lord. It has been a year of growth for her, as well as for the other girls who meet together.

They recently held their last Monday night meeting for this school year, and Donna and Diane are praying that they "might be able to stay in touch with the girls over the summer and that they will continue to walk with God while they are away". It has been a fruitful year as girls have come to know Christ and have grown in their faith. Donna shares, "The girls have opened up their hearts to us this year in beautiful ways and they have been there for each other during difficult/trying times."

Do you remember your junior high years? 

How thankful we are for all the impact and encouragement that these girls are finding during these junior high years that can be difficult years in many ways for students. And decisions made at this time can impact them for the rest of their lives. Please pray for Donna and Diane, and for the girls that God is leading to them ... for their connections over the summer, and for more girls to come to know and follow Jesus during the next school year. 

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