Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Party & Welcoming Jake & Chelsea!

Such a beautiful time of year, and perfect time to get together with our staff team for a Christmas Party. The Cru Omaha team meets regularly for staff meetings, and Dec. 5th was a special event when Robyn and Chelsea also joined us, along with their little girls - four little girls three and under between two of the couples. A very fun, relaxing evening together ...

We're so thankful for our Cru Omaha staff team! Andy (& Robyn) have been part-time staff for about 9 years now, and Debi joined us as full-time staff three years ago. We have been waiting with anticipation for Jake (& Chelsea) to join us as part-time staff, as Jake has been focusing on raising up his financial support team for the past year and a half. He and Chelsea reached their goal the end of November - and we celebrated together the night of our Christmas Party! They are a great addition to the team, and we thank God for them.

Thanking God for the blessing of serving together as staff, and for our incredible team of over 25 volunteers!

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