Thursday, August 2, 2012

A New Name and a New Season

This blog has been silent for the three months of May, June, and July - and now, at the beginning of August, we are starting up again with posting here. The reason for the silence is that we were granted a three-month Sabbatical/Time Off in celebration of our being involved in full-time ministry for 40 years!

God blessed our three months in more ways than we even imagined, and we are so grateful. Most of our time was spent at home and in the area, but we were also blessed with an amazing two-week trip to the New England states and up into New Brunswick. You can click here and here to read a little about our Sabbatical/Time Off and view a few photos on Cherry's blog. We are filled to overflowing with all that God did in our hearts during these past three months.

And this time away would not have been possible without the full support of our staff team. Debi, Andy, and Jake carried the responsibilities of ministry throughout the summer, and did a superb job. We are so grateful for them. We also are blessed with nearly 25 volunteers, and as our time off began before the last school year was completed, we are so grateful for how they finished out the school year of ministry to students. We are very blessed by our team of staff and volunteers.

As we start back up and prepare for a brand new school year, we are also starting with a brand new name. Student Venture has changed it's name to Cru, in conjunction with the recent name change for Campus Crusade for Christ in the U.S. The Cru ministry to college students and to middle and high school students - all with the same name Cru - providing a common thread as students move from one arena of learning to another. All with the same purpose, and goal of connecting people to Jesus. A different name, but the same vision, purpose, and goal.

As this new name change for Student Venture became effective yesterday, on August 1, 2012, we will be continuing to make the necessary adjustments with the details of a name change throughout the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your patience, as it affects not only blog name changes, but changes in other places, as well.

Please pray with us as we meet as a staff team and with our volunteers here in the Omaha area, and for all the Cru staff across the U.S. This is a busy season of preparing for a new school year of impacting students. We cannot accomplish any of what we desire on our own - we are in complete dependence on God, and on the prayers of many. Please pray for our existing Cru ministries on six area middle and high school campuses. And please pray for the potential of five or more new middle school and high school campuses in our area opening up to Cru this fall.

It is our desire to keep you posted regularly about prayer needs, and about what God is doing.

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