Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silent Auction Fundraiser

After weeks of preparation, and after receiving many generous donations of items by area businesses and individuals - our annual fundraiser was held Saturday, March 3. Two years ago we held our very first Silent Auction in Blair, and this year we were so blessed to be invited to be a part of the Omaha Campus Crusade Silent Auction held in the Old Market area of Omaha. Such a privilege to work together with the Cru Staff Team to put on this fundraising event.

Andy & Tyler checked in our many guests, giving them each a bidding number to use. There were over seventy items to look over, and bid on. A wide variety - ranging from gift certificates for golfing to salon services, and baskets ranging from gluten-free baking mixes to family movie nights. So grateful for the many businesses and individuals who donated items for our Silent Auction.

Midway through the bidding time, our guests were given the privilege of hearing from several college students in the area, as they shared how God has used Cru to impact their lives, and the lives of their peers.

And then Gary introduced two students (photo below) whose lives were greatly impacted by God through Student Venture. We're so thankful for Paul (now a college student) who shared of how he came to know Christ personally through a Ron Brown event co-sponsored by Student Venture back in his junior-high years, and how he then was greatly impacted by SV throughout his high school years. And we thank God for all that He has done in Allen's life, bringing him to a relationship with God after his very tumultuous childhood years, and how God is transforming his life through the opportunities for growth in Student Venture.

We left the Silent Auction thanking God for His work in the lives of college and high school students, for the privilege of being part of this fundraiser together with the Omaha Cru Team, and for funds raised for our SV Operating Account. We praise God for all that was accomplished for His purposes through the event.

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